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12/30 | 2104' x 50'


15W/33W | 5,000' x 1,000'
4W/22W | 10,000' x 1,000'


11/29 | 2151' x 100'






Fuel Pumps

Self Serve During Business Hours


We do it all for your small plane - from major repairs to annuals, and floats on or off - we are a seaplane base after all. We have over 35 years of experience as an A&P/IA and commercial pilot. You can count on us to get your job done right.

Small plan on floats just coming down the ramp from the hangar.


Who wants a picture of fuel pumps? We thought you might want to see the view from our fuel pumps. We have 100LL and 91 Octane NON-ethanol "Mo-Gas" available at the airport and 100LL at the seaplane dock. Please call us for pricing.

View of hangars, fog and fall colors at Twitchell's.


Available to rent for your currency needs and flight reviews. Instructor pilot is available upon request.

White and red Skyhawk for rent here at 3B5.

Pre-Buy Inspections

Take the worry out of buying a plane. We will inspect the plane as an independent 3rd party and give you an honest report as to its condition.

Small planes parked in a row on the grass.

Hangar Space

We have 42 hangars here at Twitchell's for your small plane.  We also have 27 tie downs in and around the ramp. Please call for availability and rates.

Overhead view of the hangars available at Twitchell's.